Launching in Australia in 2022, AutoPay dramatically improved the pay run process by offering clients a fully automate, accurate and simple solution catering to the diverse business needs of Australian businesses.

Why use AutoPay?



Moves time sheet entries automatically from FieldGlass into your payroll system fast and without any mistakes.

Contractors might not complete their time sheets. AutoPay will remember when was the last time sheet entered and use it in the next period.

AutoPay performs validations of the pay rate and bill rate every single time. This is useful for example during super increases or to validate that the right rates are applied.

AutoPay helped us detecting errors during the superannuation change from 10 to 10.5%.

Payroll Officer


It's difficult to not make a mistake ever. Given that margins are low, this could be fatal and or cause loss of reputation.

Human need a record of what timesheet was paid each time or to stop the payroll process until the contractor get their hours approved.

Might validate numbers sometimes but this task could be complex and time consuming.

Only a very experienced user could catch these errors and it would be time consuming.

The highlights and benefits of AutoPay

Learn about the benefits AutoPay has to offer and how it will benefit you and your company.


AutoPay Helped us detect an inconsistency with a worker where a -13% discount was erroneously applied.

AutoPay verifies that the rates in FieldGlass and your payroll system match.


AutoPay will cap the hours to 8 or 4 per day according to what was actually approved (ST_Day/ST_HalfDay). FieldGlass is currently inconsistent with the number of hours versus the pay rate. For example 9 hours could be approved but 8 paid or 5 hours could be approved but 4 paid. The right amount is entered into the payroll system so you do not overpay.

AutoPay allows you to visualise the payment template percentages used for each worker.


Coming Soon...


Validates Contractor Central payments vs time sheets.

Manages ABN workers invoices.