Payroll Automation
for Fieldglass and Beeline

(*supports Xero and AstutePayroll and others coming)

AutoPay reads timesheet data from Fieldglass and Beeline and publishes payroll data and Invoices to your Payroll system.

AutoPay has built-in support for SCM0007 suppliers to validate that the pay and bill rates match the latest rate calculator.

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Tired of manually copying timesheet data?

Automatically detect discrepancies of Bill and Pay rate!

Verify hours logged are matching the rate calendar!

AutoPay can help with all of that!


Automate your
payroll process with AutoPay

Autopay automates the pay run process by bringing time sheets information from Fieldglass & Beeline to your Payroll system.

  • Validate hourly and daily rates.
  • Customizable validation logic.
  • Supports PAYG and ABN Contractors.
  • Multiple Timesheet and Payroll systems.

Be productive and save your time with Autopay.

We make the pay run process easy, automated and convenient.


Increase the Productivity of your Payroll Team

AutoPay automatically synchronizes timesheet data.
Automatically matches timesheet records to Contractors.

  • Validate payment calculations.
  • Ensure correct pay runs.
  • Pay the right person the right amount.
  • Ensure the numbers in Fieldglass or Beeline are correct.


After switching to AutoPay.

A finance / payroll manager is able to reconcile more contractor in less time. Recruitment agencies reported having a better handle on their payruns.

"Auto-pay gives us piece of mind when it comes to controlling the right numbers are being setup."

-Adrian from Darumatic

"Preparing payruns used to be slow and clunky but now I can relax and get more done."


"Before I was scared that we would pay more or less than what it was expected but thanks to Auto-pay I can trust our numbers and double check if I need."


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